Sunday, February 28, 2010

monthly writing progress, February

I was just going to do the weekly progress, plus the week before that, since I remembered not posting last week. Imagine my surprise to realize I haven't posted my progress since February 6! At this point, rather than posting three weeks' worth of progress and then posting the monthly progress, it made more sense to do a single post.

Words for month: 9,195, mostly a page a day on a single novel, but also some short work, including a synopsis. Daily average for the month is 328 words, for the month is 334 words. Wrote 23 of 28 days.

Continued outline for the next novel I want to write (Sundered Sword). Also did a fair bit of background reading.

Short stories: Completed one I've been working on since December. Wrote one article (Website review). Did 9 short story submissions this month.

Other submissions: 2 poetry, 1 flash, 1 novella.

Rejections: 9 short stories, 1 novella (market doesn't favor that length). Only 1 of the short stories wasn't sent back out again; 1 was sent out more than once.

Acceptances: 2 articles for Vision.

Crits: Finished one novel, epilogue left on a second, some progress on a third. Also, one short story crit.

Did not attend GSHW meeting this month -- was in Boston for Boskone. Truly fun.

Reading: 3 books completed this month. Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld; Metatropolis, edited by John Scalzi; and Norse Code, by Greg van Eekhout.

Other reading of note -- read a good chunk of Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, did some blog reading, and discovered some lovely books on stellar mechanics available free on-line at Harvard.

Editing/submitting: Finished polishing the first 3 chapters of the mystery novel and sent it off into submission-land.

Also signed up with Book-in-a-Week. First time for participation starts tomorrow. Looking forward to bingeing on writing.

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