Friday, July 02, 2010

monthly writing progress, June

Words for month: 16,858. Daily average for the month is 562 words, for the year is 448 words. Wrote 13 of 30 days. Words were split between SF novel, a short story, a book review, and novellas.

No outline work this month, though I did start typing in the SF novel (which I've been writing longhand) so I can figure out what plot holes I've left in what's written so far.

Short stories: Wrote book review for Vision. Also wrote fanfic for the Scalzi/Wheaton Unicorn Pegasus Kitten contest.
Fifth World went up at flashquake.
When Pigs Fly went up at Daikaijuzine.

Submissions: 16 short stories, 1 review. (This is more than the number of rejections because I subbed to an anthology that accepts sim-subs -- the market it's been out at is on indefinite hiatus. And I'm counting the reprint sale here, too, because I entered it on my tracking spreadsheet.)

Acceptances: Daily Science Fiction accepted "Essence of Truth." Book review for Vision accepted. "Snake in the Grass," my first sale, will be reprinted when Assassins: Clash of Steel goes to press for Rogue Blades Entertainment.

Rejections: 14 short stories, 1 poem.

No crits this month.

GSHW meeting: Did not attend this month.

Reading: 5 books and a novella. The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking like a Professional, by Philip Yaffe; The Sorcerer of the North, by John Flanagan; Changes, by Jim Butcher; Silver Borne, by Patricia Briggs; From Hell With Love, by Simon R. Green; The God Engines, by John Scalzi.

Got an AussieCon voting membership so I could get the Hugo nominees in electronic form. Read one novella, the short stories, started a novel (Boneshaker by Cherie Priest).

Book-in-a-Week: Started to participate, realized it wasn't working for me, and opted out of BIW.

Joined the SF Poetry Association.

Paying work: Proofread books on San Diego and Linux. (891 pages proofread.)

Exercise: Did walk/jog intervals 4 days. Worked in garden 7 days. It wasn't all aerobic work, but it's progress.

Other than being good at keeping the subs out, the focus really hasn't been there this month. Since I'm heading on vacation for the end of July and the beginning of August, we'll see if I do any better this coming month!

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