Friday, May 21, 2010

gathering the links, May 21

Trying to get back into regular posting.

Jon Gibbs, an Englishman in New Jersey:
Interesting posts about writing – w/e May 21 2010
A market list, time management, why some people stop reading, and more.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk:
Friday's Interesting Links
Submissions, rejections, and whether you can make a living at writing.

SF Tidbits for 5/21/10
SF Tidbits for 5/20/10
SF Tidbits for 5/19/10
SF Tidbits for 5/18/10
SF Tidbits for 5/17/10
The usual wonderful assortment of interviews, news, and articles.

Several hours' worth of time could be spent if you follow all these links! Don't forget to balance browsing with actual writing.

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